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This is Tania, and this is my story. I struggle all my life with endometriosis and in this journey i was and felt  unheard for most of the time: it was a illness not so common on early 80’ so the answer i get most from the doctors was: go home, take a pill and try to relax. After 7 surgeries and a long journey on myself i decide to go deeper and start my healing inner process. It wasn’t easy for sure, full of tears but also laughs, i had to change all my plans for my life and understand how i can live my best life with this illness.

I imagine a world where women in middle age are free to be who they are, have their voice heard and progress in all the area of their lives.

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Middle age and transition to menopause

  1. How many times have you heard these words?
  2. How many times have you heard them with a negative meaning? I know the answer: always
  3. What if menopause is just another chapter in our lives?
  4. What if 50 years is just another year?
  5. What if there is the possibility of a change of perspective, of new opportuinty, of a new and wonderful life and a new and better version of ourselves?

This is my job:to help and guide you through this New Chapter of your life.

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My way

On 2013 i start another chapter of my life as a healthy and wellness consultant especially for women in menopause or struggling with endometriosis with an Italian company and this bring me to listen, guide and help more than 100 women.

After 15 years as vegetarian I also became a vegan nutritionist and i get a specialisation in the relationship between gut and brain.

On 2022 i became a certified life coach at the Jay Shetty Certification School, the only coaching  school based on positive psychology. I study with the help  of some of the Best supervisors coaches in the industry in order to create a coaching approach that can help my clients to achieve their goals.

In the school i understand how  i can connect all the techniques and the tools i have learned in my life and help all the women in mid age seeking for a better version of themselves.

Now I’m a emotional mindset coach with a intuitive approach, here to serve  you and help you to achieve your best life

Now for me is time to give back because no one voice can be unheard, especially women voice.


My way, your journey:

Every change is a challenge, Peri menopause, menopause and middle age are challenges, are moment of transitions, step by steps you can learn how achieve your better life and overcome this challenge. You can do it, believe in yourself. You have just to let yourself be you.

Awareness first

Be aware of who you really are, your midlife is not an end, is just the beginning. Ask yourself what you really want in your life now, not for your family, for your job, for your kids, but just for you.


No one can do the work for you, I can help you to be committed in your daily life but remember, you are exactly where you are meant to be, And your journey start here

Let go

Now that you are aware and committed you need not to do something, but to leave and let go all the emotions, limiting beliefs and feelings that are holding you back. This is my job, help you to recognise these limiting beliefs, go to the roots and understand how you can let go and be the best you.

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