Be myself: 6 months package


If you want not only discover your new self after your 50’ but you want also be that woman in your life, without regrets and without judgment. If you want understand how you can use this new you and how you can be your real inner self in your daily life this is your journey. Ask yourself how many time in last years you felt lonely , misunderstood, emotional just because of the hormones How many time you needed just to be heard and understood? Now is the time to be heard, now is the time to be you, now is the time to have the life you deserve now is the time to BE that life, that woman, that mum, that wife, that worker, that person, that human beings, just let yourself be you.

In this package you will have:
  • Welcome mail with the program for your growth and my welcome video
  • Unlimited support (Mon/Sat via WhatsApp )
  • Weekly coaching session lasting from 60 to 75 minutes
  • Access to my monthly emotional mindset mail with quotes, tools, recipes and all you need to be the real you.
  • Mail with recap of everything we cover
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