Don’t play small

The only person that can stop yourself it’s You. This is the true. In my 52, after I graduated at the Jay Shetty Certification School I decide to achieve another goal and became an Ac Certified Coach to be a better coach for all my clients. Because I never stop to believe in growth, I never stop to learn and be curious and i know it’s just the beginning. After my graduation on 2022 I was able to help a lot of women struggling with transition, I’m part of the amazing app #lightcommunuty,  I have build an Italian Community of like minded people and now I’m ready to start a new adventure in this amazing Country that now I call home 🇮🇱I never believed i’m going to start a new life after my 50s but here I’m. Here, to serve with love, no judgment and compassion and gratitude✨ Hope you are joining me in this new adventure


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