How much time you spend during the day on negative thoughts?

You know how much time We spend during the day with negative thoughts? Remember the research? 85% of our thoughts during the day are negative, 85%…🤯

How can we change these numbers?🌟

Take Action and do something productive for you

Like : mindfulness, breathwork, meditation, journaling, visualisation.

Mindfulness means  to be focused on the present moment, to stay in that moment, with no worries, no stress, no negative  thoughts .

Just stay there.

And breath, the first thing changing in our body when we are stressed or worries is the breath, so focus on the breath and sometimes remember to breath and the take time just to observe the air coming in and out. 

Easy and powerful.

And if you like to write, journaling is the prefect way to empty your mind and put all the worries and  thoughts on a paper.

Remember, your thoughts are not you.

Let yourself be you✨


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