How to communicate with your partner during a moment of transition.

If a book with this name exist I’m going to buy it right now!!!

Because it’s not a formula, doesn’t exist an only granted way to communicate with others

But exist a place where every kind of communication must coming from: it’s a place of love and compassion.

If you believe the secret of a relationship it’s only love… I have to tell you something:  just love isn’t enough: a long lasting relationship is based on hard work and a lot of talk, for both side.

When I talk with my partner I’m always asking myself 3 questions: 

1- what is his language, 

2-how I can explain what I feel and if I need help 

3-what is my purpose on that conversation, what I want to gain.

And I talk and talk and talk, a lot, and I ask questions to be sure he understand. 

Next days we are going to explore each fo these points. Let me now in the comment if this resonate with you


Let yourself be you✨


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