Partner and transition

Something change in your relationship with your partner when you are facing a moment of transition? Yes, yes and yes!

And it’s up to the person who is facing the transition to explain, teach, help the other person to understand how we are feeling, what is changing on our body, soul and mind, because we can experience swing moods, low energy, or maybe something inside ourself is changing,  and we want to change career, or live a different life.

It’s a lot to process if you are not that person and you are just a silent witness.

In my relationship I ever give nothing for granted, I always seeking new ways to communicate, because I want my partner be in this transition with me.

The process of transition to midlife or menopause it’s natural, it’s part of your life, if you are that person. But for the silent witness, I mean your partner,  it’s not. Your partner need to understand, to live that moment with you…

Often people ask me how we can do: communicate, and find the right way to communicate with your partner, find the right language: what is working for you not necessary is working for others.

And remember: no one is a mind reader🧐

Lets talk about that on next days…

Meantime, let yourself be you✨


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