Today i decide to learn and to change

Today I decide to learn and to change.

I can change what I love or like and what I’m thinking. 

I can change my opinion and the way i see my life.

I can change my lifestyle, my habits, my diet.

I can change the way i exercise, my daily meditation.

I can change the way i breathe, the way i walk.

I can change my perspective and see the world with new eyes.

Because i can learn every day something new.

Because i decide to grow, to do better, to be better.

This is my life and i want to be the driver of my life.

To feel and experience love, gratitude, compassion, joy, happiness and also anger, sadness, stress. Because I’m here now and i can choose.

And you? When was the last time you experiences something new?

Let yourself be you✨


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