A learning lesson

Since menopause but especially in my 50s I learned to be in peace with my body, with my age, with my physical aspect and also with my mind.

Of course I take care of my body every day with exercise, yoga, good sleep and good and healthy food. As I take care of my mind with mindfulness, meditation and I take care of my soul with gratitude and affirmations. But I take care of myself not because I’m interested to look younger or better or in shape. I  take care of myself because I care about my healthy and my well begin and I want to live an healthy and long life.

I don’t care about my wrinkles and my cellulites, I don’t care if some days my stomach is bloathing or I feel more tired.

 I care If I feel good and healthy, so I have to say since mid life and menopause  I change my priorities.

I choose joy, I choose an healthy relationship with myself, I choose to be focused on my strength and use my weakness to grow. I choose to be, me.

So please zoom on my wrinkles, on my eyes and on my skin, because what I see it’s a joyful woman

Let yourself be you✨


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