The language💚

I’m becoming fat? I’m still in shape?

Every partner or close friend in front of a question like this want just to run away🤣🤣

But often, when asking a question like this, what I mean is “how you see me? My body is changing? Today I feel my stomach bloated, did you notice that?”

As I said, people are not mind reader, we have to be clear and open.

We have to be specific on what we want to communicate and how we want to express our feelings.

Try to understand  what is my partner language is the key. Because every word, every phrase has a different meaning for every person.

I can say “you was not there when I need you” but what means is “I need your support and your presence”, but what a partner feel is an accusation, it’s like “ you are not doing enough”

If you are going through an hard moment and need support just ask, not hurt the other person with harsh words or a wrong way to communicate.

When facing moment of transition and you are not able to communicate in the right way with your partner can be really hard to find a way to re connect.

In a way, if I’m talking about how I’m feeling in a particular moment, I’m showing to my partner my vulnerability so I have to choose the language and the words I want to use really carefully. As I said before, it’s not a right or wrong way to talk with your partner, it takes respect, love, compassion and reciprocity to talk in the right way.

Communicate to understand and to be understood.

And be patience.

Let me know what you think

Let yourself be you✨


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