Your mind will always believe you

We talk a lot about the power of our thoughts, about the power of words, about the way we speak to ourselves.

But why it’s so important: it’s simple , our mind believe us. Our mind always believe the story we tell it.

Because I’m the Master of my mind. So so simple innit? And why? 

Because our thoughts are energy and energy give life to everything is around us, so if I speak to myself with words like

I can’t do, yes I know but… I’m not enough etc… my mind believe me.

If I speak to myself with words like:

I can try, why not? I’m worthy and capable…. My  mind believe me.

So which kind of story I want to tell to my mind? Which one I want to nurture?

Always remember the only thing can stop you it’s your mind

Lets yourself be you✨


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